The Adult Intensive Care Unit is located in the Main Building.

The new and modern facilities are designed for the safety, comfort and privacy of the patients and their companions.

It counts with 30 cubicles, each equipped with the latest generation mechanical ventilator and monitoring equipment for 24 hours continuous recording.

Clinical Staff

The Intensive Care Unit is coordinated by a Critical Medicine and Intensive Care specialist physician and a trained nursing team for critical care.

24-hour patient care is provided by intensive care specialist physicians, nursing staff, head nurses, and nursing assistants with extensive experience in intensive care.

There is 24-hour physical therapy care, such as respiratory therapy, physical therapy and cardiac rehabilitation, in addition to continuous monitoring procedures for respiratory pathologies with mechanical ventilation support.

Administrative staff is available during business hours for customer service.

Information to Relatives

The Intensive Care Unit has a front desk for general information from the clinical secretary, and has the support of a general service assistant trained in customer service, in order to give indications of entrance to the visitors of each patient.


Attention hours

From 8:00 a.m. at 6:00 pm continuously, allowing the entry of visitors and relatives closest to the patient without having restrictions on the number of visitors.

  • Visitors must comply with the isolation and infection control measures.
  • The information on the patient’s condition will be provided by the doctor on duty, who clarifies any concerns that arise, to family members.
  • For the comfort of family and friends, staying in the area after visiting hours is not allowed, except for family members of very critical patients, whose evolution is deteriorating or with the possibility of short-term death.
    • No clinical details of patients are provided by phone