Second Medical Opinion Service

Clínica Imbanaco Grupo Quirónsalud, through the International Office, makes available for our partners and international insurers, the second medical opinion service.

A second medical opinion allows to contrast a first diagnosis or treatment plan. At the request of the client a second medical concept is carried out, which consists of a diagnosis or therapeutic proposal for the patient given by a medical professional different from the one who issued the first diagnosis or medical treatment.

Steps to request a Second Medical Opinion

    Request the Second Medical Opinion service to the International Office sending an email to: Important: It is required to send the complete clinical information (medical history, laboratory tests results, diagnostic images results, pathology report, among others).

    The International Office will verify the information sent and inform the medical staff.

    Make the payment through the website link or send the guarantee of payment of your medical insurance..

    The second medical opinion report will be sent to the patient.

    Up to 10 working days.

Request the Second Medical Opinion service

  • Phone: +57 602 3821000 Extensión: 20081
  • Whatsapp: +57 3174367784
  • Cali, Colombia