Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Our Service

The plastic surgery, is the area of medicine that pretends to improve functional and aesthetic aspects do to trauma, consequence of specific illness or unsatisfactory morphologic states of  the patient.

We have a group of surgeons that are members of the Sociedad Colombiana de Cirugía Plastica, which guarantees the suitability of their formation and continuous academic upgrading.

Aesthetic procedures:

  • Blepharoplasty.

  • Rynoplasty.

  • Lifting.

  • Otoplasty.

  • Reduction, augmentation or pexia mammoplasty.

  • Abdominoplasty.

  • Arms and thighs lipectomy.

  • Lipoesculpture.

Plastic reconstructive procedures:

  • Previous plastic surgeries checks.

  • Burns.

  • Microsurgery (this technique permits transplanting tissue from the patient from another part of the body to correct wide defects do to Cancer surgery or trauma).

  • Hand surgery.

  • Skull surgery.

  • Craneo facial surgery ( to correct defects do to congenital malformation, tumors or trauma).

  • Breast, head, neck, and skin cancer reconstruction.