Epilepsy service:

Clínica Imbanaco Grupo Quirónsalud has one of the most comprehensive services in Latin America for the evaluation and treatment of epilepsy. We are focused on the elimination of seizures throughout the use of the best technology, skills and knowledge required to treat all kind of epilepsy with emphasis in epilepsy surgery for adult and pediatric patients with intractable or refractory epilepsy.

Procedures realized by our Epilepsy service:

  • Epilepsy outpatient consult

  • Neuropsychological testing

  • Electroencephalograpy

  • Long Term Video-Electroencephalography (Non invasive)

  • Stereo-Electroencephalography

  • Funtional MRI and 3 teslas Epilepsy MRI

  • PET interictal

  • Spect ictal

  • Brain mapping

  • Epilepsy surgery

  • Modulation devices for epilepsy

Epilepsy team:

  • Neurologist/Epileptologist

  • Pediatric Neurologist

  • Epilepsy Neurosurgeon

  • Pediatric Neurosurgeon

  • Funtional Neurosurgeon

  • Minimal Invasive Neurosurgeon

  • Neuroradiologist

  • Neuropsychologist

  • Speech therapist

  • Occupational Therapist