Intervensionist Neumology

Our Service

The unit of Intervensionist Neumology of Clínica Imbanaco Grupo Quirónsalud is part of the Endoscopic Service and the Neumology unit, which is responsable of performing minimal invasive procedures throug video-bronchoscopy (pulmonary endoscopy) such as:


  • Diagnostic bronchoscopy, bronchoalveolar lavage and biopsy in infectious pulmonary disease and pulmonar cáncer.

  • Bronquial Endosonography (EBUS) to puncture mediastinal lymph to stage and diagnose pulmonary cáncer.

  • Therapeutic broncoscopy/rigid bronchoscopy/ stent aplication as part of the treatment for endobronquial tumor and traqueal stenosis both benign and malignant.

  • Endoscopic treatment with Bronquial Thermoplasty of severe asma.

  • Endoscopic treatment of severe emphysema to reduce pulmonary volume by the use of bronquial valves and coils.

  • Intervencionist neumology teamworks with Thoraxic surgery program, Oncology Service, and other specialist such as Otolaringology.