International Attention

Pathway attention

  • Step 1

    Contact us through one of these options

    Contact us through one of these options WhatsApp  / ContactForm email phone call to PBX (572) 3821000 / (572) 3851000 ext 20081

  • Step 2

    Reviewing your case

    In approximate two business days, we will review your case, it will be discussed with the physician required depending on your, medical condition. When the information is completed we will elaborate a cost estimate for your treatment. This information will be communicated to you through an email.

  • Step 3

    Documents needed for the entry of an international patient to Colombia.

    Passport and Visa if require. Airport tax: The airport tax  actual cost is of US $ 35 (COP $ 61,000) for 2017, and is mandatory for the passenger to pay. Income of Money and Merchandise. When you do your migratory process in a Colombian airport please report you are coming in to the country to receive medical treatment.

Important features for your medical trip

Colombia is a country that is requiring visa to certain countries, because of this we recommend before travelling if your country is one of this. Colombia for the patients that come to receive medical treatment a visa for medical purposes that can be extended for one (1) companion. ​

Besides your personal effects, each passenger has the right to bring to Colombia cash and merchandise, wish can be or not tax free. The passenger who brings an amount of money of more than US $10,000 or its equivalent in any other currency, even colombian pesos, in cash, is bounded to declare in the declaration form of money and merchandise.

When doing your migratory process in a Colombian Airport please notify that you are coming to the country for a medical purpose, with this information you will receive the corresponding category, PIP 3, for a period of 90 days. If upon entering the country you are granted other than the aforementioned and you decide to receive medical treatment you must change your category in an immigration office at the city. We as well recommend to bring the email of the Imbanaco International Office in which we confirmed your schedule of appointments.

The traveler can enter the country, as long as it does not exceed the amount provided by law:

  • Foreign currency in securities representative of the same.

  • Negotiable instruments of the foreign currency.

  • Foreign currency in cash.

Remember to bring to your medical visit to Colombia:

  • Passport.
  • Insurance Company credential.
  • Complete medical record.
  • Results of laboratory results (including biopsy results).
  • Films and results of diagnostic exams (They should be in a CD in DICON format).
  • Medication plan (Complete medical prescription, detailing medicine fullname, describing dose and administration indications).
  • Special care conditions such as wound healing, diálisis and others (bring prescription or recommendations).
  • Medical referral or insurance company referral.

Every international patient should come with a companion that could be a family member or a friend, must be an adult, in good health condition to be able to go along with the patient during the care process.

Important information before traveling to Colombia for medical purposes

Any international patient who travels to receive surgical-medical treatment must report at the time of his arrival in Migración Colombia that you are coming with medical treatment purposes. You can show proof of medical appointments and/or letter of medical notice, or verbally notify to the immigration staff of your intention to receive medical treatment in Colombia.

If you are a foreign patient who during your stay in Colombia decides to perform a medical-surgical treatment, you must change your immigration permission at the offices of Migración Colombia in order to avoid penalties for yourself and your physician.

This does not apply to foreign persons who only attend a medical consultation, laboratories tests, diagnostic images or exams.



Please read carefully the following information about Immigration procedures in Colombia; It is clarified that the patient and companions are directly responsible for complying with the Colombian immigration law. Beware of the immigration status in the country.
Fill out the “Check-Mig” form: National and foreign travelers must visit 24 hours in advance of their trip and up to one hour before the flight, the website of Migración Colombia, to complete the Check- Mick form.

It is a requirement to upload all the information related to your trip such as the flight number, the name of the airline that transports you, the reason for your trip, your place of accommodation and information on your health status, among others. Once completed, you will receive the confirmation of the process in your email.

Centro Facilitador de Servicios Migratorios / Immigration Services Center: CALI 

Avenida 3A norte # 50N-20, Barrio La Flora, Cali

Teléfono: (+572) 3973510 / 018000510454

@ Email:

Horario/ Schedule: Lunes a Viernes /Monday to Friday  8:00 a.m – 4:00 p.m.

If you attend medical treatment in Colombia, please verify in your passport the length of stay granted by Migración Colombia to not exceed it and get a penalty.
If you were granted a Colombian Visa for medical treatment in your country of origin, once you arrive to Colombia you must go to the Inmigration Services Center or call the facility to get a Colombian Cedula de Extranjería.
If when you arrived to Colombia you were granted permit to stay for 90 days, for example:
90 days of permit
You must be aware that your permit to stay in Colombia does not expire and contact Migracion Colombia prior to the expiration of your permit in case you require an extension of stay in Colombia.



Imbanaco Clinic follows safety precautions carefully designed and strictly enforced for those who need face-to-face attention. Therefore, you will need to comply this precautions and it is important that you know them in advance:



  • All patients, visitors, and staff members must wear masks
  • Carefully monitored entrance points (temperature measurement and application of glycerinated alcohol)
  • Screening of all patients for symptoms and possible COVID-19 exposure before entering our buildings 
  • Organized waiting areas to guarantee social distancing
  • Enhanced cleaning of exam rooms and equipment after each visit
  • Frequent deep cleaning in other areas of the clinic

In an effort to prevent the Transmission of COVID-19, all people are encouraged to:

  • Avoid closed spaces, crowded places and close contact
  • It is mandatory to wear a face mask
  • Keep a distance of at least 2 meters from other people
  • Wash hands and use glycerinated alcohol frequently
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with dirty hands
  • Be alert of symptoms such as fever, cough, shortness of breath or other symptoms of COVID-19 and inform the clinic if they occur.

Clinica Imbanaco follows safety precautions carefully designed and strictly enforced for those who need face-to-face attention. Therefore, you will need to comply these precautions and it is important that you know them in advance:

  • All patients, visitors, and staff members must wear masks

  • Enhanced cleaning of exam rooms and equipment after each visit

  • Frequent deep cleaning in other areas of the clinic

In an effort to prevent the Transmission of COVID-19, all people are encouraged to:

  • Avoid closed spaces, crowded places, and close contact

  • It is mandatory to wear a face mask

  • Wash hands and use glycerinated alcohol frequently

  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with dirty hands

  • Be alert of symptoms such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, or other symptoms of COVID-19 and inform the clinic if they occur.

Prior to coming to Colombia, during your attention at Clinica Imbanaco and upon returning to your country, your health condition will be continuously monitored.

Entry requirements for travelers of any nationality traveling by air (Resolution 1238, 2022):

  • According to Colombian regulations, all travelers must report their health status through the Check-Mig form, 24 hours before the flight, online: /preregistration.jsf

  • Show the vaccination card with a complete vaccination schedule that demonstrates having completed the vaccination schedule within 14 days prior to the flight or present a negative PCR test carried out no more than 72 hours before the flight, or a negative antigen test performed in advance no more than 48 hours before boarding.

Important information:

  • For the return trip, the airline and/or immigration department may require a confirmatory negative COVID 19 test.

  • Validate with your airline the specific conditions that you must have during your flight.

It is important that the patient enters the country with travel assistance insurance or health insurance activated for international assistance, which provides coverage for any medical eventuality not related to the procedure or treatment for which you are traveling, such as COVID 19. It is recommended that the companion also gets a travel assistance policy.

We work in partnership with Assist Card, to help the patient acquire travel assistance insurance, for this get in contact with the International Office or with Assist Card to the following mobile numbers with WhatsApp: +57 316 6904736, +57 3164324585. Please inform  that you are an international patient of Clinica Imbanaco. The insurance will be activated according to the date of arrival and departure to the country.



It is very important that the place of accommodation in the city complies with the biosafety conditions for COVID 19. The International Office can support you in choosing a place close to the clinic that complies with the recommendations for patient and companion safety. If the accommodation takes place in a house of a relative or friend, remind them to comply with the isolation during the first five days upon arrival, avoiding receiving visitors or holding meetings at home. In general, during your stay in Cali, you are reminded to keep your hands clean and cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue or bent elbow at all times. Avoid crowded places, close-contact settings and confined and enclosed spaces with poor ventilation. Ensure good ventilation in indoor settings, including homes and offices.

You can also contact the International Office to provide logistic services.


For further information you can check the following link:

Remember to check you have the following documents before leaving Colombia:

  • Medical certification authorizing you can fly in a commercial airline.
  • Check your time of visa has not expired.
  • Your medical prescription and recommendations.
  • Have the information of  the appointment scheduling for return visits.
  • Clínica Imbanaco Grupo Quirónsalud file with all the medical records of your attention, including diagnostic images. This file is given by the International Office.

Payments for international patients:

Self-Pay Scheduled Medical Attention.
If you do not have insurance or your insurance does not cover certain hospital services, the International office can provide you with estimated prices prior to your visit for hospitalization service and diagnostic and treatment services (such as clinical laboratory tests, diagnostic imaging, endoscopy, etc.). However, it is important to note that these are the estimated charges and the value may not be accurate to the final bill. If the invoice is less than the payment received, the difference will be refunded.

Full payment of the amount stipulated in the budget is required before any treatment. If you decide to pay by bank transfer, you must receive 72 hours before starting the medical care.
The staff of the International office can also provide you information about the handling of deposits, electronic transfers and other financial matters before, during and after your visit. Also on payment with other means such as credit cards or cash payments.

Payment of Scheduled Health Care Through Insurance Entity.
It is essential for the care process to know the information about your health insurance or medical insurance before your trip, the contact details of the same, or if you have any special coverage by the government of your country.

If you have an insurance company that will pay for the medical attention, Imbanaco International will get in contact with them, in order to confirm that all documentation is presented properly and you can receive the maximum allowable coverage. Before initiating the care process, the authorization or letter of guarantee must be received by the entity, specifying the conditions of the payment, the coverage of the same, value of co-payments, inclusions or exclusions of care.

Payment of Emergency Medical Care.
If you have an insurance company, in case you require emergency medical attention, you are requested to contact your insurance company in the first instance and report the symptoms you have and ask that your insurance send the letter of guarantee / coverage of medical attention to the emergency room department of Clínica Imbanaco Grupo Quirónsalud, to the following emails:,, and
It is essential that you present an identification document (Passport, Citizenship Card, Cédula de Extranjeria, etc) once you arrive to ER.

If your entity confirms the medical coverage of emergency care, inform the admissions staff of the emergency room about the referral of the letter of guarantee / coverage. If your entity indicates that you will be reimbursed for the medical care, please inform the admissions staff of the emergency room department.
In case you do not have health insurance, the admissions staff can provide an estimated cost of the initial emergency medical attention.

Payment forms for self paying international patients are:

  • Bank transfer.

  • Bank deposit.

  • Credit card.

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Feature Services

In Clínica Imbanaco Grupo Quirónsalud our purpose is to offer services and medical specialties that allows us to provide diagnostic services and surgical services with safe and reliable technologies and with the experience of over 800 medical specialists who provide a humanized quality attention.

In a year we perform an average of 23,000.

300 cancer surgeries, 20000 radiotherapy sessions, 8000 chemotherapy sessions, 250 cardiac surgeries in adults and children, 80 bone marrow transplants, 90 radiosurgery procedures (Gamma Knife), 350 joint replacements, 250 spinal surgeries, 400 bariatric surgeries, 3000 procedures in angiography and 1000 PET CT.

See all our services and specialties and contact us to receive further information. Servicios a pacientes